3 Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Writing From… Writing (see also: blogging)

I’ve always loved writing. I have always struggled to write, with discipline and grammar and such, I mean I use commas the same way men have used me. A. Freaking. Lot. And for no good reason, too.

Somewhere along the way I started to believe my writing was not worth reading in an imperfect state. Dont ask me how much I’ve spent on proofreading programs over the years, or even just 2020. Seriously, it makes me physically sick as I type this from my phone with zero intention of running it through Grammarly or ProWritingAid (both excellent programs, however I adore ProWritingAid. I’m essentially just using Grammarly to make myself feel better about forgetting to cancel the subscription before over $100 was drafted from my account, kicking and screaming, I assure you).

Along with the assumption that my writing is trash if it has a typo, or a comma splice (hehehe), comes an inherent inability to ever publish it anywhere. I had this blog over a month before I made my first post. I had my first post written out for around 27 days. I kept rereading and rewriting which mean rerunning through the programs. It was REdundant, and frankly, really dumb. I am not saying I have just a ton of followers or anything, but there’s an entire, like, 10ish people who don’t give a rat’s behind about proper and consistent verb tenses, what person I’m writing in from one paragraph to the next, or *gasp* comma abuse (I really only do this, because I’m southern. I write how I talk and it’s hot down here, yall. We gotta pause to sip the ice cold sweet nectar of the gods: Dr. Pepper)

Blogging has given me a new perspective. And I would like to share that perspective with yall in the interest if telling someone else to just HIT PUBLISH.

For your entertainment, and for mine. Who can tell me what on earth I’m doing looking like Aunt Jemimah?

3 Things I’ve Learned About Writing from.. Writing.

  1. Blogging from the WordPress App? Amazing. I wouldn’t post half of my content without it. When I sit down at my laptop my mind hops around more than a flea on a dog’s belly (okay that’s my bumpkin phrase for this post I had to get it in there somewhere after using yall as much as I have). I start looking at my Trello boards. Then I’m checking on how affiliate marketing even works. Holy crap, this is supposed to be the email I ONLY USE FOR IMPORTANT THINGS WHY DID I SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THIS JUNK?!? You get the idea.
  2. Inspiration really does come anywhere, anytime. That ties into number one a little, but guys I was sitting here playing farm games on my phone, tweeted at the developers telling them to please make an anxiety/depression mode that let’s me play, but removes any purchasing options, when I realized I hadn’t written in a week. I’ve been going through it lately and havent wanted to write. Suddenly, I thought of a haiku. A 5-7-5 HAIKU. I wasnt even sure how to spell that. I had to let my phone do it.
  3. Writing really is cathartic. I would go absolutely nuts without this blog these days. If you looked at my Haiku, you’ll think this one is BS. However, I’m a veteran in the contradicting myself game. Hello..I have kids, and because I said so.

Somewhere along the way I started to believe that my writing was not worth reading in an imperfect state.

Canva is also cathartic. I urge you guys to give it a go. It’s free and makes me feel like a graphic designer. They don’t pay me to say that (in fact they turned me down, lack of traffic LOL), its just been awesome for me and I want to share.

So there’s my ramble for today. No editing, no censor, no spelling or grammar checks. Lots, of, commas. Y’all connect with me on social media, give me a reason to keep up with that better.

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